Leadership, Education, and Development Living-Learning Community

By connecting the in- and out-of-classroom experience for Baylor students, the School of Education's LEAD LLC is a multidisciplinary residential learning community rooted in leadership development, academic growth, and service to others.

"The supportive community in LEAD LLC made Waco my home away from home. My freshman year was a hard transition to live away from home, but I was embraced by the community and people in LEAD which made me realize I was home. You're greeted every time you walk in. People leave their doors open so you can walk down the hall and meet new friends. You have a lot of upperclassmen you can go to for advice also. "  

Christine, Class of 2024

"I love LEAD because it gives me the opportunity to serve the community alongside other residents. It also has made the transition coming to college much easier and has provided me with so many events to connect with other people and gain valuable relationships. Also, I have learned new skills and ideas on how I can better myself as a Christian leader throughout my college career and beyond."

Serene, Class of 2026

"I love LEAD because on top of giving me friends that make college a wonderful experience, it has given me the chance to see the type of leader I am and strive to be. LEAD allows me to work alongside others dedicated to giving our freshman a great first-year experience while preparing us for future leadership roles."

Gerardo, Class of 2024