Leadership, Education, and Development Living-Learning Community

By connecting the in- and out-of-classroom experience for Baylor students, the School of Education's LEAD LLC is a multidisciplinary residential learning community rooted in leadership development, academic growth, and service to others.

"I love the community. I've made really great friends here - friends that are my skin color, which I absolutely love. I love that it is very leadership-based, which makes for a welcoming and loving [environment]. You can come in, and people have open arms and are ready to listen to you." 

Public Health Major, Pre-Medical Track | Class of 2027

"I like LEAD because of the community; that was something I was seeking in my residence hall experience. I wanted to find a hall where everybody can go to everything. There's an event every week, and I don't feel weird in the hallways not knowing someone, because I know almost everyone! Lastly, I enjoy being on the Academic Committee because I've gotten to know them, and I really enjoy our meetings."

Middle Grade Mathematics Major, Leadership Minor | Class of 2026

"I love LEAD because on top of giving me friends that make college a wonderful experience, it has given me the chance to see the type of leader I am and strive to be. LEAD allows me to work alongside others dedicated to giving our freshman a great first-year experience while preparing us for future leadership roles."

Data Science Major, Leadership & Entrepreneurship Minors | Class of 2025

"Reflecting on my time in college, LEAD has been one of the most influential components. Not only is its proximity to classes great, but the numerous ways in which it has developed me as a leader will be useful for years to come. And not to forget the staff and community in which it is built upon is one of the most accepting and kind I have had the pleasure to know!"

Biochemistry Major, Pre-Medical Track | Class of 2025